Itty Bitty Jammie

Itty Bitty Jammie

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Our 4 inch, 3 layer Vanilla Bean Sponge is filled with Vanilla Buttercream and Raspberry Jam.

It is decorated with red coloured white chocolate drip on one side of the cake and Jammie Dodger biscuits (whole and halves). As it's one of our itty bitty cakes it fits nicely in the palm of the female models hand.

It is just enough for up to 4-6 people*.


Cake Board: 6"

Cake Width: 4"

Cake Height: 4.5-5.5"

*A 6 inch version which serves 12-14 people is available on request. Prices start from £50.
*An 8 inch version which serves 22-24 people is available on request. Prices start from £65.